I never get used to death


Last week, one of my musician friends fell asleep to eternal rest, Magnus Hördegård, and left family, friends and colleagues. We are many who mourn this incredible musician who has made so much great music and been such a fantastic musician and accompanist.

Life is so rich in many ways and sitting down in my comfortable chair and listening to these sweet tones is like a balm for the sorrow that aches in my heart. I am also reminded of other loved ones who have left us and I let the tears fall down my cheeks.

Sorrow and pain live side by side with joy and happiness. I think it is important to let all emotions be involved, it makes life real and filled with different colors. And like a gust of wind on my cheek, the feeling of the radiance of eternity sweeps past that makes me sure that one day, when this life is over, the night is over and the black turns to white.


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