Today it's the Mouth- & Foot Painters day!

Lena målar

Painting has been a big interest for me since childhood and today it’s one of my professions. Since 1990 I’ve been a part of the Mouth- & Foot Painting Artist.

I paint with my right foot as well as with my mouth. Oil, Acrylic and Aquarelle are the techniques I work with and the motifs are often flowers and nature. I like to paint in detail and realistically. Calligraphy is also one of my specialties.

Here a small clip about my painting:

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New exhibition in Japan

Paraart Tokyo 2022, 1

Lars Mullback and I have the great joy of having our paintings represented at an exhibition in Tokyo at the beginning of September! Earlier this summer, we applied to participate in the exhibition with our paintings and we were accepted. Now we hope that many will come and attend the grand event.

At the exhibition there are no paintings for sale. But if you want to buy any of our paintings and live in Japan it will be easy to send to you efter the exhibition before they are returned to Sweden.

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Virtual Exhibition in Korea

Karin & jag

International Art Forum in South Korea arranged an art exhibition with international artists in the end of 2021. Karin Dahl, from the same area in Sweden as I am, and I had the joy to participate with a couple of paintings!

Now the challenge is to find them... (All the way in to the left)

Have a great tour!

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Paraart Award!

Paraart Award

I'm so happy to win the Paraart Award!

Many paintings and artwork made by people with disabilities from all over the world applied for the 2021 PARAART TOKYO. From these, 206 works from 36 countries and regions were chosen for the exhibition.
Now the award-Winning 2021 PARART TOKYO works, which were selected from the judges of 2021 PARAART TOKYO Judging Committee, have been announced!

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Paraart in Tokyo


Today the Exhibition starts! I'm so excited to inform about this International Exhibition that I was accepted to take part in with one of my paintings.


I hope you'll enjoy it!

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How many years apart?

Västra sjukhusets bassäng

What a historical experience I had today! Some of you know how I'm working hard right now to become strong and reduce my pain in my back, hip and knee.

A couple of weeks ago, I told you in my blog about how I've started to train in a gym with a personal trainer. And already now after two weeks I feel a change. Very positive.

All summer I have used our pool at home and 4-5 times a week I've been "bycycling" around, around, sitting on a "floating sausage" as I call them. As the yellow one in the…

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Today is the International Mouth and Foot Painters’ Day


To draw attention to this, I am posting a film about my artistry. You can also read more on my Art page »

The photo is taken at the autumn Exhibition 2019 when we had the pleasure to have Tom Yendell as our guest. He is one of the painters in our Association and also a member of the Board. 

On the photo in front of us: Eva Backlund and Maria Andreasson.

Because of Corona we haven't had any Exhibition during 2020 and 2021 at our Gallery in Stockholm. A big hope is that 2022 will be a year full…

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Now it's Paralympics!

Sim bild från SVT 2

As I write, I watch the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics Games in Japan. And as I watch, many memories comes to my mind.

As one of all the athletes sitting there in the front row at the huge arena in Seoul in 1988 at the Opening Ceremony, full of expectations and truly excited about the competition days ahead of me, was an enormous experience. As for all elite athletes, the Olympic Games are the absolute biggest competition you can compete in. And as an athlete, it requires an enormous amoun…

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Finally it’s ready! A new homepage…


It really is a jungle! Building a website can be done in so many ways and on so many platforms.

I have quite high demands because I want to be able to do so much on my website. It would be easier if I was just a singer and artist, just had a foundation or just had a shop. But I do all that and a little more so it hasn’t been easy to find what fits me the best.

But now it’s published! How fun! And I hope it will be easier for you to find the things you are interested in and are looking for.


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I never get used to death


Last week, one of my musician friends fell asleep to eternal rest, Magnus Hördegård, and left family, friends and colleagues. We are many who mourn this incredible musician who has made so much great music and been such a fantastic musician and accompanist.

Life is so rich in many ways and sitting down in my comfortable chair and listening to these sweet tones is like a balm for the sorrow that aches in my heart. I am also reminded of other loved ones who have left us and I let the tears fa…

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