Art exhibition in Japan

Paraart 2023 840x664

Now it's time again and this year it's the 10th anniversary!

2023 PARAART TOKYO, 10th International Exchange Exhibition
- Talents Go Beyond Boarders and Disabilities -

Lars Mullback and I have each sent a painting to the big exhibition in Tokyo that starts this December. Just like last year, we applied to be a part of the exhibition and we were accepted. Now we hope that many people will come and watch the grand event and also visit the exhibition online! The virtual one.


Lars exh…

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It’s wonderful to sing in front of an audience again!!

Holmberget Torshälla

To take everything for granted... is something many of us have learned not to do during the years when the pandemic spread across our earth. March 2020 will forever remain in my memory as the month when everything I had planned in my calendar was erased. What a year 2020 would be! I had so much fun planned. Many groups from all over southern Sweden would visit me at my place in my city. A concert tour in Japan was planned in the spring and many performances were contracted during the year. But a…

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LIMITLESS - My Pain Your Gain Conference


I have the honor to participate as the main speaker at this online event: 

"No matter the limitations confronting you, you can rise above them and live a LIMITLESS life! Lena, born with NO arms will show us how!"

In this online conference that will be hosted via zoom, you can expect to be encouraged and empowered through the nuggets and practical life experiences that will be shared.

Our guest speaker, Lena Maria, who was born without arms and just one fully developed leg is someone who is tr…

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Finally Skottland!

Glasgow, Partick Victoria Park Church 840x664

For the first time in my life I finally get to visit Scotland. I thought so many times that I would go there I have a godson who lived with his parents there for many years but now they have moved to USA. But I also have a relative who has lived with her husband in Glasgow for many years. It is my "cousin" Elisabeth who is the initiator of this trip and she has planned this whole our that I will be able to do this week in Glasgow.

On Friday, I sing at the opening ceremony of an art exhibition t…

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Gospel in Playa del Ingles

Lena Templo

Last Sunday night I sang in a crowded church at "Gospel in Word and Tune" at the Templo Ecuménico here in Playa del Ingles. Pastor Sune Nordin gave a message in the end that stayed in my mind for a long time.

My husband Patrik filmed and took photos and then I put together a small film that can be seen on my YouTube channel.  

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Merry Christmas!

Sångbild stilla natt

The last three years has been a challenge enduring the pandemic. I hope you all are well. The future looks brighter and I've started to travel a bit again doing concerts in Sweden. But how I long to go on a concert tour abroad again. 

Here is a small Christmas song in Japanese, English and Swedish: 

Feel free to share any video from my YouTube-channel on your social media!

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Today it's the Mouth- & Foot Painters day!

Lena målar

Painting has been a big interest for me since childhood and today it’s one of my professions. Since 1990 I’ve been a part of the Mouth- & Foot Painting Artist.

I paint with my right foot as well as with my mouth. Oil, Acrylic and Aquarelle are the techniques I work with and the motifs are often flowers and nature. I like to paint in detail and realistically. Calligraphy is also one of my specialties.

Here a small clip about my painting:

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New exhibition in Japan

Paraart Tokyo 2022, 1

Lars Mullback and I have the great joy of having our paintings represented at an exhibition in Tokyo at the beginning of September! Earlier this summer, we applied to participate in the exhibition with our paintings and we were accepted. Now we hope that many will come and attend the grand event.

At the exhibition there are no paintings for sale. But if you want to buy any of our paintings and live in Japan it will be easy to send to you efter the exhibition before they are returned to Sweden.

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Virtual Exhibition in Korea

Karin & jag

International Art Forum in South Korea arranged an art exhibition with international artists in the end of 2021. Karin Dahl, from the same area in Sweden as I am, and I had the joy to participate with a couple of paintings!

Now the challenge is to find them... (All the way in to the left)

Have a great tour!

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Paraart Award!

Paraart Award

I'm so happy to win the Paraart Award!

Many paintings and artwork made by people with disabilities from all over the world applied for the 2021 PARAART TOKYO. From these, 206 works from 36 countries and regions were chosen for the exhibition.
Now the award-Winning 2021 PARART TOKYO works, which were selected from the judges of 2021 PARAART TOKYO Judging Committee, have been announced!

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