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Since 1990 I’ve been a part of the Mouth- & Foot Painting Artist. Painting has been a big interest for me since childhood and today it’s one of my professions.

I paint with my right foot as well as with my mouth. Oil, Acrylic and Aquarelle are the techniques I work with and the motifs are often flowers and nature. I like to paint in detail and realistically. Calligraphy is also one of my specialties.

Three times a year here in Sweden, mailings are made in the form of spring cards, Christmas cards and calendars and the letter that comes with it is written by me, with the pen between my toes.

The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, registered society VDMFK, supports and promotes artists who, due to a disability or disease, cannot create their works of art with their hands, but have to use their mouths or feet.

It all started more than 60 years ago with 18 mouth and foot painting artists and has developed over the years into an Association which is active worldwide and represented in over 70 countries with almost 800 artists. The Association is 100% owned by the artists.

Twice a year, every spring and autumn, an Exhibition is arranged at the Swedish Mouth- & Foot Gallery. The Swedish painters all come to Stockholm over the weekend to attend the Spring Exhibition, to meet all the visitors and to show their paintings. We also invite a famous person to perform and I sing some songs and talk as well.


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