Today we celebrate the woman


To FEEL GOOD is probably something most of us want. I often get the question – How can you be so happy all the time? Firstly, I’m not happy all the time, but I’m happy most of time. For me, life is a great gift and I enjoy experiencing every day of it.

Being a woman and born with a disability may not be the best prerequisites for a happy life in today’s society. There are so many ideals that we believe bring us joy and success.

When I’m out and doing my lectures, I talk a lot about how I think, what choices I have made and what I think gives me joy and inspiration in life based on my own life and my experiences.

Today is International Women’s Day. And I want to bring it to light by telling you what the Fair Trade community does for women in the world. I have chosen to sell Fair Trade products in my shop to help those with the lowest standards in the world.

In countries with widespread poverty, it is undoubtedly the case that women are allowed to pull the heaviest load, and this is also why the international Fair Trade community has always placed great importance in counteracting this, since equality is an absolute prerequisite for developing and socially prosperous societies.

Did you know that the majority of Fair Trade companies have female leadership? This is a result of competent women all over the world who, with hard, innovative work, wills of steel and sisterhood, have organized themselves to challenge oppressive traditions and trade patterns.

But it’s also a result of YOUR choice to choose Fair Trade when you shop. You have the POWER to make a difference.

The theme FEEL GOOD I will develop in the future. Feel free to contact me if you want me to bring up something special.


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