The Children of the world


If you want to be happy for an hour – take a nap!
If you want to be happy for a day – go fishing!
If you want to be happy for a month – get married!
If you want to be happy for a year – inherit a fortune!
But if you want to be happy for a lifetime – help someone else!

-Chinese proverb-


“I Can” I said often when I was a kid and my mom took it serious. My parents gave me the time I needed to find my own solutions and discover my own limitations. Many children in the world, born with a disability, don’t get that chance. Some are doomed to spend their lives hidden and spend the days in a bed or sometimes with the creature and some children are even abandoned or aborted.

I just got home from a two week concert tour “Great is the Earth” with the “Erik’s help”. A children’s rights organization that, based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, is fighting for children living in poverty and vulnerability to have a better life, both now and in the future. Work is ongoing in 17 countries, including Sweden, focusing on children’s right to education, health, safety and protection.

It was a lovely tour and amazing to meet the commitment that so many people have to help others. At the concerts, I showed a movie from a trip I made this spring to Belarus. There I got to see the work the “Erik’s help” does among children with serious disabilities who live at the 9 different institutions that are scattered across the country, often in the countryside far outside the city.

The film below is in Swedish…


When I meet these children and other people on my trips around the world who aren’t allowed to be a part of the society, I get troubled. I feel so small and often think about what I can do to change the situation. On my own I can’t do much but when we are many who come together where everyone does a little bit, then I think we can move mountains.

Finally some clips from the tour:


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