How many years apart?

Västra sjukhusets bassäng

What a historical experience I had today! Some of you know how I'm working hard right now to become strong and reduce my pain in my back, hip and knee.

A couple of weeks ago, I told you in my blog about how I've started to train in a gym with a personal trainer. And already now after two weeks I feel a change. Very positive.

All summer I have used our pool at home and 4-5 times a week I've been "bycycling" around, around, sitting on a "floating sausage" as I call them. As the yellow one in the picture. My knee and hip gets both smooth and strong from it.

Now I have been referred by my physiotherapist to get physiotherapy training in the pool at my local health center. Today I was there for the first time and bicycled and trained in a little different ways. The physiotherapist who took care of me, told me that we had seen each other before - when I trained in 1986-1988 as an elite swimming athlete, with Jan-Åke "Knasen" Sundbring as my personal trainer, and where she also spent a lot of time at that time. I have to admit that my memory is not as good as hers but it still felt like I recognized her. Cool!

But what was even more fun was when she told me that the pool I trained in today previously was the pool in the old city Hospital. What? I said, is that true? Then this was where I learned to swim quite exactly 50 years ago when I was 3 years old. It was a strange feeling ...


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