It’s wonderful to sing in front of an audience again!!

Holmberget Torshälla

To take everything for granted... is something many of us have learned not to do during the years when the pandemic spread across our earth. March 2020 will forever remain in my memory as the month when everything I had planned in my calendar was erased. What a year 2020 would be! I had so much fun planned. Many groups from all over southern Sweden would visit me at my place in my city. A concert tour in Japan was planned in the spring and many performances were contracted during the year. But as I said, in one week most things were cancelled.

What do you do then? Well, like so many times in my life when things don't turn out as planned or when I "can't do it" such as e.g. in the elementary school basketball game. I could have sit on the bench and be depressed. You have to use your hands to catch the ball in both handball and basketball, so you could say that I was disqualified to take part. But I think it's boring to be depressed, so instead I asked my teacher if I could be the judge. Certainly! I even got to borrow his whistle. And suddenly I got to decide over the whole class!

So what did I do then when page after page was blank in my calendar? Well, I didn't sit on the bench then either. I signed up for a course that I saw advertised on Facebook that Inspiro Academy held and I learned in 10 weeks of full-time study how to do a course online. I did a singing course with singing lessons. First, a free course with three lessons online. And then a 10-week course that the customer pays for with instructional videos and lessons that I give online and exercises, songs, etc. I’ve had almost 4000 students take the free course and 47 students take the big course.

Many things have happened since March 2020 both in the world, in my country and in my own little world. But now! Now I can travel and sing again and it's so much fun. More fun than it was before, probably because I no longer take it for granted.

I think the picture expresses my joy! It was taken by the photographer Kjell Carlsson, who gave me permission to use it. He and many with him braved the long-awaited rain last weekend and came to listen to my concert. So much fun!


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