Art exhibition in Japan

Paraart 2023 840x664

Now it's time again and this year it's the 10th anniversary!

2023 PARAART TOKYO, 10th International Exchange Exhibition
- Talents Go Beyond Boarders and Disabilities -

Lars Mullback and I have each sent a painting to the big exhibition in Tokyo that starts this December. Just like last year, we applied to be a part of the exhibition and we were accepted. Now we hope that many people will come and watch the grand event and also visit the exhibition online! The virtual one.


Lars exhibits the oil painting 'New public management clerk realize the real need'. 50x60 cm. 

My painting is called 'Winter Lake' and is also an oil painting. 30x25 cm.

The exhibition takes place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre December 20-24.

Opening hours:

Wednesday 11.00-18.00
Thursday 10.00-18.00
Friday 10.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-18.00
Sunday 10.00-15.00


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